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The Joy of Paintings

Author: Tinu Prakash, Artist in Residence, Smith Center for Healing and the Arts at Inova Schar Cancer Institute

As an artist I offer live painting at Inova Schar on Tuesday mornings. People always stop by to chat, discuss art and share their work, or just watch me paint.

My interaction with a young viewer- a little boy M is most exceptional to me. M came in to Inova Schar over several months in my recollection and he saw many of my paintings. He would always stop by, sometimes extremely chatty or to just watch me paint.


M came in with different members of his family; his Dad, his siblings, but I mainly met him with his Mom. 

M was always very curious, engaged and offered many artistic suggestions for several paintings. He would ask if a painting was done or whether I would incorporate another color. He shared his experiences with art and showed me pictures of paintings he made at school. 


On a Tuesday, M stopped by again with his Mom. This time he was dressed as Santa and looked adorable with a beard and glasses. His Mom said to me, “I wonder if you recognize him.” I called him “Santa M” and we spoke. M then handed me a Starbucks card and asked me to look inside, making sure there was something in there! Then he held up a bag of gifts that he had, to give many folks he had met. His Mom said that it was his last day there and then she added, “We enjoyed your paintings.” She asked if she could take a photo of M and me. I told him to enjoy the holidays and have fun with his friends. He nodded and then left with his Mom.

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